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7 March 2014, White Sulphur Springs – The great flood of 14

Pat McCoy stopped by and told me that the Range House was flooded. So the next morning I went out and he wasn't wrong. The entire building, indoor range, office, safe room and meeting area were under some two inches of water. I went out to check the shooting apron and see what might be the problem. Upon opening the back door the water cascaded over the threshold into the building. I quickly shut the door and outside I looked at water about three inches in depth. At the edge of the concrete was a snow and ice berm holding in the water, just beyond the berm was more water all across the width of the building. At the far east end snow was piled up most of the way down the apron to the first window, and between the east end of the building and the red storage container was a huge snow/ice dam. I went and grabbed a shovel and back at the target locker began to brake a channel from the apron to the drainage channel and over the edge into the gully.

It appears as the snow had started to melt the day before, the water had come down hill and saturated the snow at the east end of the building causing a large mush lake to form. The water backed up somewhere between twenty five and fifty yard and then caused avalanche to crash down and turn onto the shooting apron. The water rushed down the apron picking up the plastic brass tubs and floated them out into the range. With the large berm of snow/ice the water, after the initial rush had no where else to go so leaked under the walls into the Range House.

Shortly after I got the water to begin to flow off the apron Don Babcock and Ron Coleman arrived and decided to go for real tools. Then Jerry Churchill appeared with two large squeegees. Some time in the next half hour Don and Ron came back with pumps and then Tim Allen and his backhoe to the rescue. Rod Browning and Mr Hamm along with Bill and Joanne Cummins were there to help.

Tim and the backhoe cleared the big gate to the east, plowed out the big shush/ice field and up to the 50 yard marker along the east hills. Then plowed off the water and ice in front of the shooting line, this releasing the water pressure into the building. Channels in the ice and the berm were cut off the edge of the shooting apron to help the water away from the building.

Inside the threshold of the front door was cut away and the two squeegees were used to sweep water out of the building, first from the meeting area, then the indoor range and safe room. This took three hours to make most of the water to go away. Wet/dry vacs were used to get the floor, and in the office, rugs dry. By about 2:30 in the afternoon we had the place in good condition. To help dry out the building we removed the timers from the propane heaters so they could run continuously. And Mike went into town to get a delivery of propane. Fans were brought out and set up so the air could circulate to facilitate the drying.

By now backhoe work had cut additional drainage channels in across the front the building from between the latrine and the building and across the inside shooting areas.

I would like to extend a job well done to those who came out and helped to rescue the building. If it weren't for you guys and gal I would still be standing there with water leaking into my boots. -ed.

The photos below were take two days after the flood/rescue.



20 January 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Annual Meeting

Don Babcock led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance and called the meeting to order.

Members Present: Don Babcock, Ron Coleman, Don Doig, Steve Hicks, Chuck Stricker, Mike Vennard, Pat McCoy, Ron Hamm, Gary Smith, JoAnne Cummins, Bill Cummins, Dan Rader, Tim Allen, Rod Browning.

Minutes of last meeting read by Pat McCoy. Motion to accept as read, Mike Vennard, 2 nd Ron Coleman. Motion Accepted.

Treasurers Report read by Pat McCoy. Motion to accept as read by Bill Cummins, 2 nd Mike Vennard. Motion Accepted.

Committee Reports.

Pistol Range Committee report by Mike Vennard that we are waiting on word from Friends of NRA on status of grant, and spring. Pat McCoy stated that he was informed by our FoNRA representative that in the future the Grant Committee would like to see that we have a lease of somewhere between 15 and twenty years and that it was suggested that the MCSA board consider action in increasing out lease. At present the lease stands at 13 years to go. [It was noted later that we could increase our acreage holding to include specific property for a proper background for the 1000 yard gong.]

Personal Protection classes are to be held during the Month of April with the ‘field day' in May.

Old Business

Signage. Don Babcock reintroduced the subject of signs for the Association, one at the cattle gate just off Jackson Road and the other on the end of the new room facing the parking area. Two were discussed, one an all metal plasma laser cut at appx. $2000 per sign and the second a plastic laminate at $250. The benefits of both were enumerated and after some general discussion the decision was differed to the next meeting. During the discussion Mike Vennard made a suggestion that a metal sign might be bought for the building which would provide a positive background, while a plastic laminate would work better at the cattle gate.

Mike Vennard has not put the generator on Craig's List.

Pat McCoy suggested that for the Personal Protection Class that the rated be increased due to the Association providing all the ammunition [for which prices have recently skyrocketed] and use of the Association pistols. The rate would be $75 for the general public with a $10 waiver for Association members. JoAnne Cummins made a motion to adjust rates as stated, 2 nd Ron Coleman, motion Passed.

Mike Vennard noted that he had contacted the Fire extinguishercompany and they say they would contact him when they came to White Sulphur Springs. They didn't. Mike contacted the Sherriff to find out when they would be there again, he said that he would let him know, time has come and gone. So Mike suggested that the Association purchase new extinguishers. Motion to purchase 2 extinguishers by Ron Coleman, 2 nd Mike Vennard, motion passed.

New Business

Pat McCoy noted that the bill for fixing the water damaged rifles was $660. The bill was paid by donations from Forkin Arms and Mike Vennard.

Montana Gun Law books, authored by Gary Maubrt , are being offered by the Meagher Co Sherriff at a discount. If anyone wants one , they should contact Pat McCoy and he will order them. The book cost is approximately $6-7.00.

Elections after nominations from the floor for the various offices was taken that Pat McCoy offered that the Sec/Tres . and Director position be elected by acclimation due to only one nominated for each position. And then a secret ballot for President was held between Don Doig and Rod Browning. The results of all elections:

Rod Browning – President

JoAnne Cummins – Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Vennard- Director

Pat McCoy proposed a letter with all the offices and one Director be added to the check signing list, proposal accepted.

McCoy suggested that we review whether we want to continue as members/supporters of the following organizations: Civilian Marksmanship Program, USA Shooting sports, NRA, Montana Rifle and Pistol Assoc. During the discussion it was suggested that we should also consider Shooting Sports Assoc. and Gun Owners of America. Motion to continue and consider, Mike Vennard, 2 nd Pat McCoy. Motion Passed

With the Friends of NRA banquet coming up on Mar 22 it was suggested that we purchase in a timely manner the 10 tickets and the sponsor table. Motion to purchase Ron Coleman, 2 nd Ron Hamm. Motion Passed.

Mike Vennard motion to adjourn, 2 nd Don Doig. Motion Passed

16 December 2013, White Sulphur Springs – Monthly Meeting

Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance led by Don Babcock, President

Members present: Pat McCoy, Brian fisher, Don Babcock, Ron Coleman, Mike Vennard, Don Doig, Bill and Joanne Cummins, Tina Pomeroy. Guest Adam Grove, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Minutes of the previous meeting read by Pat McCoy, Sec./Tres. Motion to accept by Mike Vennard, 2 nd Bill Cummins, motion passed.

Treasurers Report read by Pat McCoy, Motion to accept by Ron Coleman, 2 nd Mike Vennard, motion Passed.

A letter from the Montana FWP to the Association with the describing the “Road Kill Retrieval” law just put into practice. It outlined the intent and procedures of the law.

A letter concerning road closures by ranch owners limiting public access to public lands, explaining the situation and requesting legal support funds.

Committee Reports:
Pat McCoy reports that there is only one Jr. Shooter this season, and at the present time he is participating in basketball at the high school, but has been practicing on an alternate day with Dan Rader.

Personal Protection class has been tentatively scheduled for April 3 to May 3, 2014.

Old Business:
Signage at the range has been once again postponed to the next meeting.

Bob Gardner has been contacted and possible class outlines have been proposed for a spring/summer long range shooting clinic. Possible dates for the classes about the months of June/July were discussed but have not been set yet.

The propane generator is to be put on Craig's List to be sold.

The FofNRA Grant for aid in building the new pistol range has been submitted. The grants are usually awarded in late January and we should know about March if we were awarded the grant.

A brief discussion on replacing the concrete bench tops was held, the project was put off until spring.

Don Babcock noted that certain targets were needed to be purchased, but at this time the exact numbers and inventory of which styles were in short supply was not known. Brian Fisher made a motion to purchase appropriate amounts up to a limit of $500. 2 nd Ron Coleman. Motion Passed.

New business:
Pat McCoy reported that the vent fans in the indoor range have been left running for some time which increased the electric bill significantly. It was proposed to install mechanical timers on the fan and vent switches to limit usage time. Ron Coleman made a motion to get timers installed, 2 nd Mike Vennard. Motion passed. Brian Fisher will install them.

Don Babcock noted that the metal silhouette targets are badly shot up and need to be replaced. Discussion ensued as to should they be replace by armor plate. As no one knew the price point the project was put off until the January meeting and Pacific Steel in Bozeman can be contacted for prices.

Nominations for 2014 officers were taken:

President, DoinDoig
Sec./Tres., Joanne Cummins, Tina Pomeroy and possibly Mike Blair
Director, Mike Vennard

Brian Fisher made a motion that the Association purchase 10 tickets and a table to the Bozeman friends of NRA banquet in March of 2014. That these tickets be used to send the officers and board members t the banquet. Pat McCoy noted that this may be contrary to Montana Non-Profit regulations of liability protection by creating a possible “employee status” of the recipients. 2 nd Ron Coleman, Brian called for a vote, motion passed.

Adam Grove, Mt. FWP biologist gave a brief review of the proposed bi-annual legislation for new hunting regulations. He additionally noted that a FWP Comments meeting will be held in White Sulphur Springs on Wednesday 8 th of January 2014 and City Hall. Highlights of these changes are:

•  All of Montana will be changed to antlered Mule Deer only and the Mule Deer B tag [doe] will be eliminated.

•  The White Tail B tag [doe] is to be eliminated state wide, although a White Tail doe may be taken with a General Tag in appropriate areas.

•  You can find more precise wording and comment pages on the FWP web site and comments can be made through 23 January 2014 to FWP.

Mike Vennard made a motion to Adjourn, 2 nd Ron Coleman, motion Passed.