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7 June 2016, White Sulphur Springs - Clean up

Annual cleanup, which without the help might have become semi-annual clean up.A big thank you to all those who came out to lend a hand. Bill and Joanne Cummins, Jerry Churchill, Pat McCoy, Don and Donna Babcock, Mike and Rosy Greener, Ed Celander, Don Rassmusen, Dan Rader, Bob Porter, Jess Seacrest, Ron Hamm, Mike Vennard, Gary Smith, and Tim Allen's backhoe. Things were cut, moved, removed, thrown away, burned, checked, and replaced. Two new “gong” type targets were installed out on the far hills, a concrete slab was placed at the east end of the building and a clay pigeon thrower was permanently installed. The storage shed was emptied, shelves installed and stuff to be sorted re - warehoused. The interior target wall was inspected and found to be in decent condition. The use of conveyor belting was a good choice as it is holding up well to large amounts of bullet penetration. Floors swept, Small piles of “left overs“ from earlier construction were consolidated into useable and disposal. At the finish of all the efforts to put things right, a barbecue of burgers, potato salad, beans, chips and drinks was shared by the crew. Again a big thank you to all who came to help. ACTIVITY PHOTOS BELOW:


17 April 2016, White Sulphur Springs - NRA Concealed Carry Class

The 2016 class is completed for this year, with a field day at the range as students brought their own weapons to defend the range from the annual attack of the plastic water filled bottles. We are glad to report that the onslaught was superbly repelled with the complete destruction of all bottles.

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19 April 2016, White Sulphur Springs - Quarterly Meeting

April 19, 2016 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. President Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Rodney Browning, Mike Vennard, Bob Porter, Rosie Greener, Mike Greener, Gary Smith, Chuck Stricker, Bill Cummins, Ron Coleman, Pat McCoy, Don Babcock, Jim Berghorn, Mark Tome, Jay Kolbe, Marvin Kostelecky, Tim Allen and Joanne Cummins.

Minutes of prior meeting were left at home, so will be covered at the August meeting.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $3,568.05 in the operating account, and $3.686.35 in the building account. Deposits received of $171.60 and bills paid of $15.96. Report was accepted with motion by Mike Vennard and 2nd by Ron Coleman. Personal Protection class brought in $704.00 and Jr. Shooters paid for ammo of $22.00. Students attended a shoot in Big Timber and did personal best. Both fairly new shooters. Looking like NRA will change PP class format, so motion by Ron Coleman and second by Mike Vennard to purchase another set of class books for next year at cost of $12. Motion to order a plaque for Junior shooters names to hang at the clubhouse by Mike Vennard and second by Ron Coleman.

Correspondence: Letter from NRA recruiting team regarding changes in cost and new materials for us to use when recruiting members. 1 year now $30; 3 years $85, 5 years $100, and Life $1000. Received a rebate check of $12.

Committee Reports: Long Range Committee. No one from committee present to report, but Joanne indicated we are approved, with submission of another document they needed. Funds to come for $2300 grant.

With two renewal membership tonight we have a total of 84paid members for 2016.

Old Business:

Guncraft Training Academy has lost their lease so will be moving to Houston, TX. Probably no classes this summer, but Tim Allen is trying to get something going to keep the interest.

Shooting Matches: Beginning June 7, Tuesday nights, at 6:30, there will be 10 weeks organized by Bob Porter and Gary Smith. First 5 weeks at 50 Yds and 2nd 5 weeks at $100 Yds. Open to the public. Can be .17 cal or .22 cal as long as rim fire. Classes of open sights and also scoped. All from bench. Need to order more eye protection and Pat McCoy wants to be involved in what to order so works indoors and outside. Will advertise on Meagher Co. Classifieds, newspaper and posters in businesses. $3 for adults and $1 for under 16 years of age. Need 40 rounds of ammo. Dan Rader will also have a 50 Shot high power match on May 21.

Need to purchase two more camera boxes, so we can move the cameras to the clubhouse when cattle are in. Only getting cattle pictures now. Motion by Mike Greener and 2nd by Mike Vennard to purchase.

New Business: Discussion of lighting with LED's instead of florescent lighting. Home depot indicated they are not carrying the very long replacement bulbs for florescent as LED's are becoming the thing. A long discussion was held regarding spending $400 for a case of 40 tubes or changing some out now to the LED's. More research to be done to help with the decision. The LED replacement is about $34 for a 4' replacement and much brighter. Will discuss again at the August meeting.

Joanne questioned a different form for the Sheriff's Office for those doing daily use. She will research further or create a simple short form that they can complete and be given to us. Maybe a copy of the sheet signed now could be used.

Summer clean up day was set for June 4th at 8:00 a.m. Maybe have a barbecue for club members that day to get a bigger work party, as we need to work on inside range, weeds all around, storage container and maybe build more cardboard targets.

No open house this year as turnout was low. Consider doing with fall sight in day.

Indoor Pistol Range for larger bore. Rod Browning has had lots of people wanting to make changes inside to shoot larger calibers during the winter months. There is a company who will provide an estimate and has materials to make all changes needed. Unknown what cost would be, but then would need to get a grant for project. It is inquiry stage now, so unknown what may come of it.

Metal Plates: Ron Coleman told us Evelyn Gluhm has iron for sale totaling $875 which can be used to repair targets. Pat McCoy moved and Mike Vennard seconded to purchase the material as it is a good buy.

Jay Kolbe from FWP spoke to us on the shoulder hunt and its future plans. Numbers are not in yet from surveys, but he indicated the elk count had been climbing by 15 percent which is the reason the hunt was held. There will be a similar one next fall, but another district was formed from East end of the Castles. His phone alone logged 20 thousand calls and 3000 through the Forest Service. The late hunts are conditional on whether 1/2 of cows are killed during regular season. If land is not accessible to allow the number required during regular season, the hunts will not continue. Very dependent of cooperation of the land owners. Surveys call about 90,000 people. Next year will have 43 districts of shoulder season. An extra 40,000 acres of block management helped this year. Will open Aug 15 to Sept 2nd, stop during archery season, open dead week between archery and rifle season, close during rifle season and open as soon as general season ends until Feb. 15. It will be reviewed annually and have comment periods. These hunts are only on non-forest service land. Still need to determine the proof of damage to elk calving for this long period.

Email today from Montana State Shooting Sports Assoc. to support Ryan Osmundson on election issues as he supports shooters.

Move for adjournment by Bill Cummins and seconded by Mike Vennard at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Joanne Cummins


19 January 2016, White Sulphur Springs - Quarterly Meeting

January 19, 2016 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. President Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Rodney Browning, Mike Vennard, Jess Secrest, Bob Thompson, Daryl Mesecher, Ron Hamm, Bob Porter, Rosie Greener, Mike Greener, Gary Smith, Scott Jackson, Chuck Stricker, Bill Cummins, Ron Coleman, Pat McCoy and Joanne Cummins.

Minutes of prior meeting were read, and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Ron Coleman.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $3,339.81 in the operating account, and $3,686.08 in the building account. Report was accepted with motion by Jess Secrest and 2nd by Mike Vennard.

Correspondence: Letter from Friends of NRA for the pre-banquet party to be held Feb 11, 2016 at Bozeman Holiday Inn. Joanne phoned them to learn the date of the Banquet is set for March 19th. Discussion was held in regard to purchasing a table as usual (sponsor) which includes 2 tickets for the banquet. It was decided to send an email to the membership to see who is interested in attending as the table seats 8 individuals. The sponsorship only covers two seats at the table. Others will need to purchase their own tickets.

Committee Reports: Long Range Committee. Rod reviewed from the prior meeting that Scott saw the markers for the Long Range and questioned him. He stated that he is inclined to say "NO" because he has a gravel pit in that line. Would not be safe for him or his staff if they were working when someone was shooting. Discussion was held regarding any shooting at the rifle range portion when they are out there. A sign will be constructed to place on the keyed entry gate to the range area that the Jackson's can flip over saying the range is temporarily closed while they are at the pit. Rod Browning will construct the sign. Indoor range and pistol range could be used while they are at the gravel pit. The committee is researching another option for the long range. Possibly moving to the East to move away from the gravel pit. Ron Coleman needs to get a plate of steel to Rod to build the sign with. Discussed being able to see the targets in the area from a prone position.

With eight renewal membership tonight we have a total of 41 paid members for 2016. A discussion was held in regard to a type of membership card for those who like to donate but do not plan to shoot at the club. A certificate of donation will be created for those individuals. It was moved by Mike Vennard and seconded by Ron Coleman to do this.

Old Business: The PPP class is a go for this spring, to be held beginning March 23 for 5 Wednesday evenings beginning at 7 pm to about 9:30 pm with the Saturday finish on April 23rd am. There are several signed up as of now.

Requested volunteers for a work party for about 1 1/2 hours to repair the cable carriers on the indoor range. They need to be tightened. Rod agreed to help with it, so it is tentatively set for one of the next two weeks. He will call Bill Cummins, Pat McCoy, Mike Vennard and Ron Coleman when his time allows for assistance. Two tall ladders will be needed.

New Business: There was some discussion in regard to the New Club Membership applications. Mike explained the need for the change when considering the shooting in Sacramento, CA earlier. Discussion as to how to prevent someone training at our facility and then doing a horrible deed, came down to all members should show some responsibility when they see someone at the range that they do not know and might be concerned about. It was suggested they contact a board member to investigate. All members will complete an application stating that they are not a felon to belong.

Jess Secrest presented a schematic of the target butts for ties in front of the target holders. Railroad ties would be stacked to protect the holders. The cost would be approximately $395 per target and the estimate was for 10 target areas. Pat McCoy will work on a grant request for 2/3 of the amount to the FWP prior to February 6th.

There was an incident of the gate lock missing. A new lock was purchased. A discussion was held about purchasing game cameras to place near the front gate and inside the building. A motion was made by Bob Porter to purchase 2 cameras and signage stating that "Security Cameras are in use" and was seconded by Mike Greener.

It is time to audit the books, so Jess Secrest and Pat McCoy volunteered to review them.

Regarding a 1 year plan for the club, a suggestion was made to form a committee for shooting matches. Gary Smith agreed to be on it, along with Bob Porter. Bob and Gary have agreed to organize some matches, maybe one evening per week and one invitational meet per month when we have warmer weather.

Rebuild shooting frames. Suggested that there is wood in the metal container that can be used along with cardboard. It is okay to do at home and return them.

Suggested putting the plastic water tank on top of the container filled with water for fire suppression.

Clean the metal container inside and build shelving.

Sending a request by email to members to determine interest in a shot gun range.

Still want to adjust outside benches to make them all even.

22 Targets are in need of repair as they have been shot by larger calibers. Need AR metal 1/2 inch plate at about $400 per sheet. Need to replace wood or material on some areas of indoor range.


President: Rod Browning (indicated he would serve another term)

Secretary/Treasurer: Joanne Cummins (indicated she would serve another term)

Mike Venard moved and Ron Coleman seconded for the President and Secretary/Treasurer to remain as the past two years.

Director 1 position currently held by Mike Vennard: Jess Secrest-10, Don Babcock-2 and Mike Vennard (write-in) 1. Election completed and Mike Vennard turned his keys to Jess Secrest.

The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Vennard and seconded by Ron Coleman.

Respectfully submitted:

Joanne Cummins

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