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June 21, 2015--50 Shot Offhand Match – High Power Rifle White Sulphur Springs, MT Details This type of match will be held again in September, watch this space.

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13 September 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Schutzen Match

MCSA (Meagher County Sportsmen's Association) held its first Schuetzen Match for small-bore rifles (.22 rimfires) last weekend.

We were gratified by the large turnout for this first attempt at this type of match, and hope to have More (matches and shooters) next year. Schuetzen shooting was the “King” of shooting events in the late 19 th century, and has been having a revival in recent years. The shooting is done from only two positions (standing and seated at a bench), and seems to draw both new shooters and the older ones who no longer can get into the prone, sitting, and kneeling positions.

This match consisted of 20 shots from each of the two positions, with targets set at 100 yards. It was a nice day, with decent scores during the first half of the match, but then Mother Nature decided to show just how badly .22 rounds are affected by the wind.

Match Winner was Dan Rader, shooting a CZ451, with a score of 752. Rader was followed by Pat McCoy, the only person shooting a “traditional” (pre 1919) style rifle, at 720. For our matches there is no separation of classes, so any safe .22 rifle, with any style sights is acceptable.

Five shooter fired scores in the 600s, with three new shooters trailing, but setting goals for themselves for the next match (including having a spare battery for the optical sight on the rifle, and higher quality ammunition).

Matches are finished for this year, but all MCSA matches are open to the public, and will be listed at the club website ( ).

Come out and join us next year.

Meagher County Sportsmen's Association Aggregate
40 Shot Smallbore Schuetzen 9/13/2015
Name Offhand Bench Aggregate x
Dan Rader 287 465 752 Match Winner
Pat McCoy 271 449 720 1st Place
Bob Porter 250 427 677
Gary Smith 256 418 674
Mike Venanrd 235 433 668
Bob Thompson 196 425 621
Mike Greener 222 382 604
Katie Greener 141 331 472
Richard Arnold 143 231 374
Nick Greener 70 12 82
Thanks to all who participated
Programs and Bulletins are availabe at
Equipment list
Mike Vennard CZ452 w/ CCI SV ammo
Mike Greener Marlin levergun w/ Fed Target ammo
Katie Greener shared with Mike
Richard Arnold Ruger 10/22 w Rem Yellojacket ammo
Pat McCoy Winchester 1885 Low Wall w/ Wolf MT ammo
Gary Smith Ruger 10/22 w/CCI Mini-Mag ammo
Bob Thompson Winchester 52c Sporter w/ Fed Auto Match ammo
Bob Porter Ruger American w/ Federal Target ammo
Nick Greener HK? W/Federal Target ammo
Dan Rader CZ451 w/ Eley Target ammo
NOTE for new shooters: High velocity ammo is MUCH more susceptible to wind than standard velocity ammo.

18 August 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Quarterly Meeting

Meagher Co. Sportsmans Assoc. Meeting Held Aug 18, 2015.

Meeting was called to order by President Rod Browning at 7 p.m. 15 members attended, Rodney Browning, Chuck Stricker, Jess Secrest, Rosie Greener, Mike Greener, Daryl Mesecher, Robert Porter, Gary Smith, Ben Forkin, Dan Rader, Don Babcock, Jake Lind, and Pat McCoy.

Previous minutes read and approved. Moved and accepted by Pat McCoy and 2nd by Gary Smith.

Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted, moved by Pat McCoy and 2nd by Jess Secrest.

Only correspondence was via e-mail from the FWP shoulder hunt season. Bob Porter was in contact with local biologist and was asked to bring up at the meeting that FWP is planing a public meeting in Oct. Date not set yet and Porter will keep in contact with biologist on date.

There were no reporting committees.

There is a match set up for September 13. There will be an ad in the paper for it. 8:30 am to 3 pm.

Old Business: Approx. 10 participants at open house, McCoy thought that if we did that yearly it may grow and Bob Porter brought up doing a chicken shoot instead of turkey shoot and have several matches including archery, center fire, rim fire matches and maybe run in conjunction with open house. Details to be worked out.

New Business:
McCoy reported 10 took personal protection class. It was discussed that there were 8 members in gun crafts class. Rod Browning said they would do another stage one class Sept 19 and 20 if enough people sign up. Also would do a stage 2 class for people who had completed stage one if there was an interest.

There was a question if anyone had ever wandered from the Red Ants Pants festival into the gun range and it was decided that RAP security was good enough.

McCoy reported the scoring plugs are in for target scoring. Is watching price for Blazer ammo and PPC ammo for classes.

Don Babcock brought up garbage cans being overly full and it was discussed to see about getting a large dumpster to use occasionally. The Sheriff's office dumpster came up in the conversation.

Annual sight in day was discussed and date set for Sunday, Oct 4th. Jess moved and Don 2nd and approved for Oct. 4. Time was discussed and decided that sight in day would be from 10 am to 3 pm.

McCoy said youth indoor shooting starts on Tuesday. evenings on Sept. 22 if there are any youths interested, and also mentioned tentative plans for adult indoor rimfire shooting second week in Oct. on Tuesdays and may move to Thursdays if enough youths participate on Tuesday.

Jess Secrest presented for approval the plan, that would require approval by Jackson Ranch, to expand the range footprint from exisiting 66 acres to 93 acres to allow for 1275 yd possible targets. Jess also mentioned a fence would probably be needed around the target area to keep cows from suddenly appearing close to the target. Jake Lind asked if the lease rate could possibly change due to expansion. Rodney Browning said he would submit the proposal and inquire about the lease rate changing. It would also be brought up that we should mark the boundary of the range and the road up to the 1275 yd area so people will not trespass onto unleased land. Jess made a motion to accept the proposal as he had drawn up to submit to Jackson Ranch and Ben Forkin 2nd it.

Jess Secrest quetioned whether the club could purchase a lead sled type of adjustable rest and it will be discussed and a decision will be made at next meeting.

Date for fall cleanup was discussed. Members present decided that the range looked pretty much in order with the exception of re-building some target frames. We will check the range before the Oct. 4th, the community sight in day.

Work on 5 year plan was discussed. Maybe incorporating some type of shotgun facility. Discussed doing 5 year plan one year at a time and taking care of things that need to be fixed and with completion of long range course the range would be pretty much complete.

McCoy moved to adjourn and was 2nd by Jess Secrest, motion to adjourn was passed at 8:50 p.m.

Notes submitted by Don Babcock, acting secretary


18-19 July 2015, White Sulphur Springs - GunCraft Class.

The Meagher County Sportsmen invited the Guncraft Training to put on a begining Tactical Pistol class over the weekend of the 18-19 in July. Two instructory and club member Tim Allen gave demonstrations, instruction and supervised live fire at the newly completed Pistol Range. With all the positive comments and enjoyment at the professional presentation it is hoped to have this group back again next year. For photos of the class in action click here to see the GunCraft class pages.

21 June 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Open Shoot MCSA Range


Meagher County Sportsmen's Association
50 Shot Offhand - Highpower 6/21/2015
Name Stage 1 X Stage 2 X Stage 3 X Aggregate x X
Dave Jessen 89 1 164 0 165 1 418 2 Match Winner
Dan Rader 76 0 157 1 168 1 401 2 1st Place
Pat McCoy 60 1 149 0 166 2 375 3
Mike Venanrd 57 0 75 0 78 0 210 0
Nick Greener 12 0 19 0 50 0 81 0
Programs and Bulletins are availabe at

The Meagher County Sportsmen's Assoc (MCSA) held it's first highpower rifle match on Sunday, June 21st .  The weather was perfect with temps about 72, and no wind (of course that made the skeetrs a little tougher to deal with).

While turnout from club members was a little lower than hoped for the match is open to the public, and we did have shooters from Belgrade and Great Falls participate.  This was a match for any centerfire rifle (.223 or larger) with any type of sights, and was a fun match for "fame and glory", with no other awards being given.  Each shooter fired 2 sighter rounds, plus fifty rounds for score, with Dave Jessen from Belgrade getting the "fame and glory" with his score of 418 out of 500.  Lots of room for other shooters to join us next time, and bring the "fame and glory" back to White Sulphur.

Equipment ranged from a scoped Browning .308 semi-auto, to a scoped Remington 700 in the .222 varmint category, to a WWII M1 Garand in 30-06, a semi-automatic version of an AK47 in 7.62x39, to the winner's M16 style "black rifle" in .223 (all three with iron sights).  As you can see, it was an eclectic group, and we welcome everone to bring their hunting rifle to the next match (tentatively proposed for mid-Sept).  Full match programs (rules, etc) and bulletins (results) are available on the club website at .

21 April 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Quarterly Meeting

April 21, 2015 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. President Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Mike Vennard, Ronald Coleman, Chuck Stricker, Pat McCoy, Bill Cummins, Don Babcock, Robert Porter, Jake Lind, Jess Secrest, Gary Smith, Jim Richard, Rodney Browning and Joanne Cummins.

Minutes of prior meeting were read, and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Ron Coleman.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $3,202.79 in the operating account and $4,875.88 in the building account. Jr. Rifle brought in $17.00 this year and Personal Protection was $745.00. Report was accepted with motion by Pat McCoy and 2nd by Bill Cummins.

Correspondence: We received our packet from Civilian Marksmanship Program, Certificate has been hung and the packet is in the office drawer for anyone who needs to use it for setting up matches. Cards received from Forest Service Ranger District to participate in designing a forest restoration project and analysis underway for the Miller Bingham Vegetation Project. A letter from FWP for proposals for Mountain Lion Hunting and Mountain goat changes.

Committee Reports: Pistol Range Committee. Have moved the fence to make more handicap accessible and was appreciated by Bob Porter. Need to create a sign for the gate to keep it closed, and only take handicapped up to the range and unload supplies and then park below. Mike will call the sign man in Helena who made the other signs and order it. Joanne moved and Ron seconded to order the sign.

With one new membership tonight we have a total of 80 paid members.

The Personal Protection Class began with 13 and is now at 11 who will probably finish.

Caps for the target stand holders have been received and need a little trimming and will be installed. Ron will try to build something we can use to sink the tubing deeper into the ground for mower protection.

Pat bought up that we need to find someone to become NRA certified and the club pay part of their fees to take the classes. The fee is usually $150 with 2 1/2 days of class and 2 overnights for expenses. Pat McCoy gave Ron Hamm names of individuals to contact with regard to NRA instructors. Ron Hamm has had employment conflicts but will probably pursue when the conflicts are gone. He indicated an interest in becoming the certified instructor to replace McCoy

New Business:

McCoy had scoring plugs for use to check targets during matches for accuracy. Ron Moved to buy the plugs and Bill Cummins seconded at the price of $52.50 for 5 of them. We need to order 1 bore guide for cleaning of CZ Junior Rifles at $18.00 plus shipping. Mike moved to order and Rod Browning Seconded.

The club will be the site for a Guncraft Tranining Academy Class, Basic Handgun Course, (Level 1) on July 18 and 19 for two days. The club should receive 5 percent of the proceeds for the shoot. Members fees will be $375 and non-members will pay $499 plus $10 per day for use of the Range. Every shooter is expected to have 350 rounds, 2 magazines, preferable 3, a holster and a gun that is 9mm or larger. It is already advertised on the Guncraft Training Academy website. Tim Allen is at their facility working on details.

The Health Expo is April 25 at the High School. It was requested for someone to man the booth and Rod Browning agreed he could be there to assist. Cummins will be there in the neighboring booth.

A building was purchased for storage of a lawn mower. Will be purchasing metal siding in the next few weeks for it and to complete the Ramada at the pistol range. A discussion was held about having an open house in June. It was decided to have a Spring Cleanup at the range on June 6th. Discussion about fire suppression for the range; Jess Secrest indicated that several fire extinguishers were as effective as trying to have a container of water on site. The Open House will be June 13 to present our range to newcomers to the area and show the new pistol range to locals. An ad will be placed in the paper and we will have chili available for those coming. Put notice in Great Falls paper as well as ours. Range officers to help people will wear orange hunting vests to distinguish them. Tim, Gary, Rod, Bill and Mike agreed to be there. People can bring guns and shoot a few rounds that day.

Rod showed the plaque from the Friends of NRA banquet. Had a drawing for the hat from the banquet and it was won by Bob Porter.

It was discussed to add a By-Law and post signage that Exploding Targets and Tracer Ammo is not on the approved ammo list at the range.

Bob Porter questioned whether we would have any 22 bench rest matches. It was discussed for possibly a weekend and a couple of evenings, but only if the shooting benches can be adjusted to make all exactly the same height.

The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Vennard and Seconded by Bill Cummins.

Respectfully submitted:

Joanne Cummins

April 18, 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Winter Report - Pat McCoy

The Meagher County Sportsmen's Association (MCSA) recently finished it's Winter indoor shooting season, and is in process of planning the outdoor season.

Thanks to all who participated, especially Dan Rader, Eric Mongar, Pat McCoy, Daryl Mesecher, Don Doig, and Scott Thomas in representing the club in the Davenport Schuetzen postal league.  All shooters learned a lot about offhand shooting, and congratulations to Daryl for being the top shooter over the ten week period.  We plan to enter this league again next year, and encourage any member with a 22 rifle to join us.  No cost to enter other than targets.

There was only one junior shooter this year, Garrett Thomas, but he made substantial progress.  He bagan with no target shooting experience, and during the 22 week season he qualified for the Basic Rifleman award, as well as Marksman, Pro-Marksman, Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and four of the nine Sharpshooter bars.  Similar progress next year will have him shooting Expert level scores, and he will be ready to attend the MT State Junior Champonships as well as the NRA Junior Sectional matches.  The junior program is open to kids age 12 and up (10 or 11 on approval of the coach), and runs from late september through March.

April 4, 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Last signs

On the way out after fixing the pistol range gates we stopped to drop in a pair of signs. Hopefully this will encourage folks to take the correct road to the range instead fo wandering about the Jackson Ranch. Now there is no reason for interlopers to not get a trespassing fine.

The one on the left is for the left tract to the top of the section, the right road is the right fork to the Association.

April 4, 2015, White Sulphur Springs -Gate Move

Saturday and the crew arrives on a dank and windy, cold day. The idea is to move the pistol range gate from up on the hill side down to the parking lot for the benefit of our handicap shooters and ease of access. You remember where the gate was located, right?

Up on the side oft the hill, stupid mistake by the designers, well it will get fixed. Take a look at the photo series below.

The post fence gets pulled down along with the gates.

With the help of Bob Rooney and the New Holland auger we got new post holes.

With the corner re-established the T-posts were set and the wire strung to the bottom of the hill.

The opposite gate side brace put in and gates hung.

At this point we were looking good.

Wire being strung from gate to the front pole fence.

Nothing left to chance some one brought a tap measure.

Setting cross poles to new fence.

Front fence finished.

The amazing crew. L to R Don Babcock, Bill Cummins, Unknown designer lump, Joanne Cummins, Tim Allen.
Not pictured Bob Rooney and Ron Coleman.

March 26, 2015, White Sulphur Springs - New Shed in Parking Lot

During the month of March the Board of Directors purchased a riding Lawn Mower and a shed to keep it in. On the 26 a crew of Ron Coleman, Bill Cummins, Tim Allen, and Don Babcock used some of the extra RR Ties toped with pressure treated 2x6's to make a foundation and then slid the shed into place, after which the used some additional plywood to shore up the inside and make it ready to put in a large door. Thanks to all the crew for their efforts. Below is a picture story:

In Place....


March 2015, White Sulphur Springs - New Sinage

Three new signs were delivered and posted sometime in the month of March. I just don't remember which day. Here are two of the three whaich have been posted:

At the cattle gate off Jackson's Road. Put up on the old board and enhansed by Bill Cummins with a little metal siding, Thanks Bill.

And the one on the end of the building:

19 January 2015, White Sulphur Springs - Annual Meeting

January 19, 2015 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by Vice President, Dan Rader. V. Pres. Rader led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Mike Vennard, Ronald Coleman, Chuck Stricker, Dan Rader, Daryl Mesecher, Pat McCoy, Bill Cummins, Don Doig, Don Babcock, Ron Hamm, Robert Porter, Ben Forkin, Jake Lind, Dan Fuller, Tim Allen, Eric Mongar, Steve Hicks and Joanne Cummins.

Minutes of prior meeting were read, and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Don Babcock.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $2,859.87 in the operating account and $5,241.61 in the building account. Report was accepted with motion by Mike Vennard and 2nd by Ron Coleman. Pending deposits totaling $130.

Correspondence: Email from Jess Secrest to change the meeting night so that the firemen can attend as their training is the same night on Monday. The group agreed to the third Tuesday of the month to accommodate them. Moved to change by Pat McCoy and second by Bill Cummins.

Committee Reports: Jess Secrest suggested in his letter, mentioned in correspondence, to work on a committee for long range shooting. A committee was formed comprised of Jess Secrest, Mike Vennard, Ron Coleman, and Bill Cummins.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Range Sign Purchase: Mike Vennard has a new sign maker that he will contact to get the signs going. Since it was approved at the December Meeting, Mike will contact the vendor and get them ordered. Bill Cummins moved and Ron Coleman seconded to accept the old elk logo for the letterhead and the newer clearer version very similar as the elk for the signs.

Pat McCoy will continue to provide Joanne with information as the Legislature progressed on the bills so it can be shared with the membership.

Personal Protection Class in April and May for 5 weeks, has only 1 person signed up so far. Joanne indicated other names and we need to advise them to pay so we know how many will take it. We need 5 signed up to offer the class. In March, we will run an ad in the newspaper.

Pat McCoy gave Ron Hamm names of individuals to contact with regard to NRA instructors.

Covers have been ordered from A. J. Clayton to put on the tubing for the target stands to keep water and debris out.

Pat McCoy identified some MCSA Operating Procedures that were listed in previous years minutes that needed some discussion or clarification.

Annual Dues paid by March . This procedure is being followed.

Range is named "Meagher County Rifle and Pistol Range" and the Group of members is the "Meagher County Sportsmen's Association".

Checking Account requires 2 signatures on Checks. This is being followed.

Account has to be audited by 2 members annually. Was not done every year but will be followed.

Guides who are members may have their clients use the range if the guide has paid $125 per year fee. Mike Moved and Pat Seconded to scratch the guide rate. Since members may only bring one guest with them to use the range per year, the guides should be going to the Sheriff's Office and the clients pay the $10 per day use rate.

"Dean Hiller" award to be presented to youth winner of the May open house. Left the procedure in place in the event we have a May open house sometime in the future.

The cattle guard at Jackson Road is on loan to MCSA by the county for a period of twenty years from 6-07 meeting. Just to make everyone aware.

Purchase a "video set-up" for spotting shots on targets at long range. Mike Vennard indicated it had been purchased, and he will deliver to the clubhouse.

The association will pay match fees for juniors who turn in receipt for such fees. Okay with this.

A drawing of an Elk, done by Mike Vennard, was accepted as MCSA logo.

MCSA will continue to hold Bow Hunter and Hunter Safety Classes. Was made as a resolution for grants, as requirement of FWP.

A second newsletter will be sent to each member in late Spring of every year. Apr, 2012 Meeting. Discussed at August, 2014 meeting, as President was not aware and did not do it.

MCSA shall establish a BUY/SELL/TRADE bulletin board at the indoor range for members use. Board is in place.


Audit of checkbooks annually. Gretchen Rader and Don Babcock to audit the checkbooks in the next few weeks.

Joanne had a question as to the fiscal year end of the club, since Constitution showed it as June 1 to May 31st. Mike Vennard indicated it had been changed to January 1 to December 31 about 3 years ago. Minutes indicated this was changed in February, 2013.

Request approval of membership to renew memberships in NRA, CMP, USA Shooting, MRPA. Pat McCoy indicated he has been contacting MRPA regarding listing our club on their website. They are not making changes or returning phone calls. Mike Vennard moved that we renew as we are invoiced all but the MRPA. Jake Lind seconded the motion.

Election of officers with expiring terms. It was asked if anyone was interested in positions and no one responded. Pat McCoy moved that by acclamation, Vice President, Dan Rader, Range Manager, Ron Coleman, Director 1, Bill Cummins, Director 2, Tim Allen were re-elected for two years. Jake Lind seconded the motion.

Mike Vennard informed us that the Community Expo would be coming up and he would not be available to man our booth this year. Ron Hamm agreed to take the position.

We need a new ballast for one of the lights on the indoor range. Don Babcock will get one and install it.

Dan Rader moved to adjourn and Ron Coleman seconded at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Joanne Cummins

15 December 2014, White Sulphur Springs - December Meeting

December 15, 2014 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. Pres. Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Rodney L. Browning, Mike Vennard, Ronald Coleman, Chuck Stricker, Gary Smith, Dan Raider, George Kirkwood, Jay Kolbe, Jess Secrest, Tina Pomeroy, Daryl Mesecher, Pat McCoy, Bill Cummins, Don Doig, Don Babcock, Ron Hamm, Robert Porter and Joanne Cummins.

Minutes of prior meeting were read, and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Don Babcock.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $2,428.78 in the operating account and $3,234.51 in the building account. Report was accepted with motion by Pat McCoy and 2nd by Ron Coleman.

Correspondence: Insurance Policy for the club was renewed for the range with addition of the new pistol area. Cost for the year was $874.

Committee Reports: Pistol Range Committee: Everything is done except siding on sides of the cooler, a work level bench built, a picnic table added inside cooler and a bench at the end of the handicap area. Those will be added in the Spring. Looking at building 3 movable benches for the pistol range. We will need to add belting to the gates if they remain in the location they are now to keep calves out by Spring. Grass seed was scattered on the berms about a month ago and there is some left to add when it begins growing in the spring. Plans to replace siding on old generator shed (now target storage shed) to have appearance of the rest of the construction. Need to get an electronic opener for the gates to accommodate the handicap. May need to move gates to bottom of the hill to accomplish this. New range rules are established for that area, and will be voted on at the January meeting.

Range Sign Purchase: Joanne showed pictures of signs proposed by case of Top Sign & Graphics in Helena. Looking at 2 signs, one at the gate on Jackson Rd, and one at the clubhouse. It was felt that the club's web address should be on the sign at the clubhouse and an arrow pointing at the driveway on the lower sign. Motion by Ron Coleman and Second by Chuck Stricker to purchase as such and to get the metal sign with clear coat that will last the longest. Cummins indicated they would order on next trip to Helena. Mike Vennard will talk to Casey to clarify the difference in the types of pictures.

Repair/Replace the 200 and 300 M Gongs and maybe wolf: Tim & Ron are to take wolf down and repair. Pat McCoy brought up that Pacific Steel in Great Falls has the armor plate in stock and have some small targets already cut, so we may purchase new ones in Spring (currently priced at $72 for a stack of them). George indicated a business called Synthesis in Lewistown has a water jet system to cut steel as well for the larger gongs.


2015 Legislature to meet for 90 days in January. Pat McCoy shared some of the 1900 bills in committee (some may be combined) relating to hunting, water rights, etc that we might have an interest in. He will watch the progress and advise Joanne so she can email to membership.

Personal Protection Class to be offered in April and Early May for 5 weeks. $75 each with $10 off to members.

Indoor shooting is going on Thursday nights. Have several participating. Items for sale or trade will be added in a section at the end of the newsletter due to some individuals not getting to the range to view the board on the wall.

Nominations for expiring terms:

Vice President: Dan Rader agreed to run again.

Range Manager: Ron Coleman agreed to run again.

Director # 2: Bill Cummins agreed to run again.

Director # 3: Tim Allen agreed to run again.

Any other interested need to voice interest prior to voting at the January meeting.

Jess Secrest suggested looking at changing our meeting date from the 3rd Monday to another day due to conflict with Fire Department Meeting and training night. Open for suggestions from membership for ideas.

Ron Hamm questioned if there are an NRA Counselors to teach individuals to be qualified instructors. McCoy has been trying to find someone and a date and time and will advise us. Some may teach one feature but not all areas. CMP does teach all but one would need to travel to Alabama.

Discussion about the tubing for target stands in the ground filling with rocks and water. McCoy to order plastic covers from AJ Clayton. Tina moved to purchase and Ron seconded the motion.

Apparently the owner caught 4 pickups hunting on his property next to the range. It was not determined if it was a member or someone else. Reflects poorly on the club members.

Need to purchase T-5 light bulbs for the indoor range and an 8' ladder. Mike made motion and Ron Coleman seconded to make the purchase. Also checking to see if more air rifle targets are needed.

Meeting was moved to adjourn by Mike Vennard and seconded by Dan Rader at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Joanne Cummins

18 October 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Target Stand Protection

On Saturday, after the RR Tie work up in the Pistol Range [see project page] ties were also transported out to the 100, 200, and 300 yard positions and placed in front of the concrete and steel target holders at those positions. This, we hope, will eliminate errant shots from damaging the existing holders, at least for the foreseeable future.

The ties at the 100 yard location.

16 September 2014, White Sulphur Springs – More Progress.

Another work party was scheduled for Saturday, with the main intent of finishing out the handicap portion of the new Pistol range. Ancillary to this project and as we expected to have some concrete left over some of the group formed poured and finished off the entrance to the outdoor vault toilet. The previous pad located in this position was feeling the effects of frost heave and during the winter months would rise to a point that one could blearily get the door to the vault open. That concrete was removed and replace with a slab that was pinned to both the sidewalk and vault, hopefully curing all problems.

Waiting on the concert truck [L].

9 September 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Facilities Clean Up

The usual clean up took place with sweeping up, weed cutting and general pickup after those members and guests that can't seem to understand what their mothers taught them. A great big THANK YOU to all those who helped. The major project of the day was the lowering of the entrance walkway to try and aid in the drainage of the water runoff and prevention of frost heave which was warping the siding of other new addition. You all have seen photos of how great the range looks when properly maintained and your troubled reporter did not take those kinds of pictures this time, but he did catch some photos of the front concrete work which is posted below.

The same Saturday as the clean up the Pistol Range got a giant step forward with the target apron getting the concrete pour. For photos and comments click HERE.

In this space should have been the photo of Steve Hicks and others wielding the 10 lb sledge, attempting to brake up the original concrete. It was too painful to watch much less photograph, so just use your imagination. Instead, in the photo to the right, is the really big hammer they finally got to do the job.

The resultant hole [above]. Holes drilled in the adjoining concrete were made, rebar inserted to keep concrete from separating, a base layer of washed rock in the bottom and, as everyone was busy when the concrete truck arrived, photos of the actual pour were missed. The rest of the photos show folks finishing off the project.

The Cummins, Ron Coleman, Tim Allen and others on the front walk [left] and finished product on the right.

The following were the clean up crew, so when you go into the clean Association building and shooting range you can thank them for the nice atmosphere: Arnie Blair on windows, Jim Rassler, Don Doig, Steve Hicks, Jerry Chuurchill, Pat McCoy, Bob Porter, Bill and Joanne Cummins.

18 August 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Quarterly Meeting

August 18, 2014 7:04 p.m.

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. Pres. Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Rodney L. Browning, Mike Vennard, Mike Leonard, Pat McCoy, Bill Cummins, Don Doig, Daniel Fuller and Joanne Cummins

Minutes of prior meeting were read, with one correction of the size of the steel plates donated by Mike Leonard, and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Pat McCoy.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $3,424.10 in the operating account and $13,610.35 in the building account. Report was accepted with motion by Mike Vennard and 2nd by Bill Cummins.

Current Membership is 91 paid to date.

Correspondence was distributed from emails. Discussion was held if Joanne should forward the emails received through the website to all the members. It was decided to try sending them and find out what feedback we have. Some members may find interesting articles by doing so.

Committee Reports: Pistol range committee, Mike Vennard: Two months late, the dirt work began and then 3 to 4 weeks later gravel was laid. Railroad ties are here and we are waiting on the fencer to begin installing the fence. Needs to be done before cattle return from the mountains. Tim Allen will be back on the 28th and will be repairing a few spots on the berms where the water caused a wash. When complete the framing for the concrete work will be done. Will be up to us to get a crew to frame pads, move ties in and pour concrete. June 15 was the cut off for the grant from FWP, $8,300, so Pat McCoy requested an extension due to the weather that held us back.

Unfinished business:

Range sign purchase has been tabled too long, so Rod Browning will check with Steve Hicks and make calls himself to try to proceed with ordering the signs for the gates at the Jackson Ranch and our leased area. Generator was sold to Rick Geordge for $300. Building was moved to the parking lot and will be placed when equipment is here to complete movement of ties, etc. Discussion of the flood and repair of siding and sidewalk at entrance to building was done by Bill Cummins. He feels that Tim Allen should be able to move and break the part we need to remove and that Bill can then form the replacement so it can be poured with other concrete. Benches were to be rebuilt; Ron Coleman was to work on and build to equate sizes and widen. Ron was not in attendance to report. McCoy indicated that we haven't had any shooting matches due to the bench's size not being adjusted. Wooden target stands have been shortened so that lead goes into the berms lower down and we won't shoot the tops off them. Have enough railroad ties to lay some in front of 100, 200, and 300 yard stands on rifle range to keep from shooting the holders in the ground. Long Range Clinic not held, but still need to consider before weather changes. Bob Gardner was willing to put on clinic. Need to set a time, date and price and then people will respond to come.

New Business:

Annual sight-in day is set for October 5th from 9 am to 2 pm. Motion by Mike Vennard and second by Mike Leonard. Fall clean up day will be September 6th beginning at 8 am. Most of the work will be weed trimming, so bring tools needed for that job. The flat portion of the middle of the rifle range is mowed fairly short, but the edges and around the building really needs dressing up.

Junior shooting will begin the last week of September on Thursday evening to begin with. Depending on the number of juniors, it may be changed to another evening. Minimum age is roughly 12 and maximum age is up to age 20 prior to December 31 of given year, same as other shooting organizations use.

Adult indoor shooting will begin on the last week of September on Thursday evenings.

A new amendment to the By-Laws will state that a President's letter will be sent on June 1st and December 1st annually. Moved to accept by Joanne Cummins and second by Don Doig.

Discussed filling the propane tank now, moved by Mike Vennard and second by Mike Leonard.

Motion to adjourn by Mike Vennard and second by Bill Cummins at 8:45 p.m.

Respectively submitted:

Joanne Cummins

8 July 2014, White Sulphur Springs- POP Quiz

Can you tell what is missing from this photo? If you do send a crisp new $5 dollar bill to Web Page Editor, PO BOX 582, WSS, Montana 59645 and receive a basket full of surprises.


If you need the answer it is: The propane electric generator. The Association sold it off and has taken it out of the shed and sent it on its way. The shed, seen in the photo below, is presently in the parking lot awaiting reassemble up near the new Pistol Range for use as target storage shed. For progress on the new range click HERE: Go to the pistol range page.

By the way the 2x4 screwed to the side of the shed is to hold the lifting strap when we picked it up off its pad to move it.


28 May 2014, White Sulphur Springs – New Board

Thanks to Bill Cummins we now have a swap board inside the range house. Post stuff you are looking for or want to pass on to other members. Item for sale/trade/donation/give away are welcome.

15 May 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Grounds Keeping

Early morning and the arrival of a grader and back hoe heralded the beginning of efforts to improve range drainage of winter snows and periodic rain. Tim Allen worked his magic with a grader in modifying the ground along the north [shooting apron] side of the building and supported by former Formula 1 and NASCAR driver Ron Coleman on the back hoe, the project was well on its was by the time this reporter arrived. Measurements were taken at periodic times during remodeling of the ground and large and small gravel was employed to create the appropriate water flow patterns needed to avoid the repeat of the spring disaster the Association experienced back in early March. Below are a series of photos showing all the action and completed look of the project. A big thanks goes to Tim and Ron for their efforts, expertise and hard work.

The first cut. It turned out that the ground close to the building, especially the east end, was still considerably wet. Every time the grader or back hoe would pass over the ground it would compress and extrude to the sides of the tires. And with the length of the grader the blade would pull up on the east end making it quite difficult to taper the ground properly.
A load of large gravel was put down, as the east end was so wet it acted like dough when driven on. With this heavy gravel addition it was expected that the ground would become more stable and less apt to wash out. The road mix on top of the large stone should solidify the east end of the apron.
Above Ron C is adding the extra dirt to the berms. In the right photo you can see that the large berm has been raised and connected to the existing berm.[Darker material.]
The drainage channel from the hill to the east has been cut deeper and with more purpose to aid the drainage. It was in March the snow plugged the original shallow course and created an ice jam which resulted in a disastrous water back-up ensuing in a cascade onto the shooting apron and flooding of the entire range house. This re-cutting of the channel along with diligent attention and some winter plowing should prevent such an occurrence.
The finished project. A layer of pea [1"] gravel on top gives a fine looking result. Although you can't really see, there is about a three inch drop from the apron to the center of the gravel, for water flow away from the building and about a 5 inch drop from east to west to put the water down in the gully to the west.In the right photo you can see that about 2-3 inches was cut away from the concrete apron to help keep the drainage away from the building.
The west end of the building. Back in March shows, just after the emergency back hoe action, the drainage of the range. On right the cleaned up and newly completed exit for water from the range.

The grand view of the project.


2 May2014, White Sulphur Springs – Pistol Range Construction begins.

See the link above!

21 April 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Quarterly Meeting

April 21, 2014 7:05 p.m.

Meeting called to order by President, Rod Browning. Pres. Browning led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Rodney L. Browning, Mike Vennard, Mike Leonard, Pat McCoy, Bill Cummins, Chuck Stricker, Ron Hamm, Tim McCann and Joanne Cummins

Minutes of prior meeting were read and approved with motion by Mike Vennard and second by Ron Hamm.

Treasurer's report was presented with distribution of a spread sheet of income and expenses and report of Checking Balance of $4,140.18 in the operating account and $14,199.89 in the building account. The only corrections was concerning the entry for the CMP dues. Correction made from $3000 to $30 and report was accepted with motion by Pat McCoy and 2nd by Mike Leonard.

Current Membership is 69 paid to date.

Correspondence was reviewed from Civilian Marksmanship Program (new certificate received) and information of sponsoring competitions. Friends of NRA check received in the amount of $10,830.09. Letter from seller of patches, caps, garments, etc: Members felt there was not an interest in doing that. Letter from member, Mike Greener, with extra donation of $500 to put toward a trap or skeet range. Members felt we should contact him to see if we should return funds as there is not enough interest at this time for that addition to our facility, or see if he wants to apply to the pistol range. Mike Vennard moved to return the funds and McCoy seconded. Email from a target supplier was discussed but decided to stay with seller we have worked with prior. Email received from First Shots. McCoy indicated that they have good information for programs to encourage people to begin shooting if no prior experience.

Committee Reports: Pistol range committee, Mike Vennard, explained that we would purchase and haul ties soon and stake the corners. Had visited with BAC from Townsend and they will begin the first 2 weeks of May, with probably 5 days of dirt work. Will be up to us to get a crew to frame pads, move ties in and pour concrete. Need to order tubing for the target holders. Then gravel will be brought in and the fencing. June 15 is the cut off for the grant from FWP, $8,300, so we may need to request an extension if the weather holds us back. The four turning targets have arrived so the membership present viewed those. Scott plans to move cattle out first or second week of May. Cost should run about $21,000 and we have grants for $19,000.

Unfinished business:

Range sign purchase tabled again as Steve Hicks was not in attendance and he was to check with someone in Harlowton. Generator sale will be added to Craig's list, but Bill Cummins indicated he had an interested party he needed to show it to. Purchase of fire extinguishers was approved but not yet purchased, so Pat McCoy said he would get on his next trip to Great Falls. Discussion of the flood and repair of siding and sidewalk at entrance to building. Vennard felt we should have a separate person responsible for that project or do later than pistol range project. Bill Cummins indicated he would look at it. Benches were to be rebuilt; Ron Coleman was to work on and build to equate sizes and wider. Ron was not in attendance to report.

New Business: Discuss policy for membership upgrade from single to family at a rate of $15. Moved to create a new By-Law allowing County Deputies whose membership is paid as a single membership to upgrade at their expense of $15 to a Family Membership status. Moved by Mike Vennard and seconded by Pat McCoy. Opposed Tim McCann.

Community Expo on coming weekend. Mike Vennard will be at the table in High School Gym. Will answer questions, give out gun locks and has a flashlight as a door prize. Letter of support for Tintina was discussed and decided to write a letter, as they are a benefit to community; Motion by Bill Cummins and 2nd by Chuck Stricker. President Browning will write the letter. Suggestion to put a buy/sell/trade list on the President's annual letter on the web page. It was decided to put up a bulletin board that members could post items on. Request to post information and results of the Shooting matches held; Mike to post on web. Replace and repair the 200 (chicken) and 300 (pig) gongs and maybe the wolf. Talk to Tim Allen about cutting from armor plate. Mike Leonard to bring some 1/2 inch T-1 steel that we could weld on for repairs to some. Discussion of Constitution changes that seemed to have some errors in typed version. Will visit again about this at next meeting.

Browning reported on the NRA banquet and showed the plaque we received for the sponsorship. 50% of the monies raised stay in state and 50% goes to National NRA programs. Had a drawing for a NRA hat from the banquet; won by McCoy. Discussed whether to have a long range shooting competition. Message had been sent to membership and only two responded with a yes, although several board members seemed interested for later in summer. Need to order target repair centers. Along other topics it was decided to have the toilet pumped.

Motion to adjourn by Bill Cummins and second by Mike Leonard at 8:50 p.m.

1 April 2014, White Sulphur Springs – The results of the winter Schutzen indoor matches.

2014 Schuetzen Postal
Week 1 Week2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Aggregate AVG
Pat McCoy 1058.0007 1073.0006 1038.0008 1057.0008 1135.0010 1113.0014 1152.0009 1114.0013 1075.0009 1103.0010 10918.0094 1091.8009
Dan Rader 1080.0004 1091.0010 1099.0007 1033.0007 1066.0005 1048.0004 1087.0008 1084.0005 1121.0011 1152.0015 10861.0076 1086.1008
Don Doig 987.0011 1085.0011 1057.0007 1051.0005 1033.0010 1059.0005 1087.0006 1057.0007 1108.0006 1066.0005 10590.0073 1059.0007
MCSA Team 3125.0022 3249.0027 3194.0022 3141.0020 3234.0025 3220.0023 3326.0023 3255.0025 3304.0026 3321.0030 32369.0243 3236.9024
Mike Vennard 866.0002 867.0003 880.0002 828 946.0007 727.0004 0 0 0 0 5114.0018 852.3336
Daryl Mesecher 1001.0004 1011.0002 1023.0005 1035.0002 1047.0008 1113.0007 1079.0002 1074.0001 1090.0011 1110.0009 10583.0051 1058.3005
Pat McCoy 1885 Low Wall w/ 6x scope
Dan Rader CZ452 w/ 6x scope
Don Doig Ruger 10/22 w/scope
Mike Vennard Stevens 44 1/2 w/scope
Daryl Mesecher Savage Mk2 w/iron sigts

This summer there will be an outdoor bench rest match at 50 and 100 yards for .22's. For more information watch these pages.

7 March 2014, White Sulphur Springs – The great flood of 14

Pat McCoy stopped by and told me that the Range House was flooded. So the next morning I went out and he wasn't wrong. The entire building, indoor range, office, safe room and meeting area were under some two inches of water. I went out to check the shooting apron and see what might be the problem. Upon opening the back door the water cascaded over the threshold into the building. I quickly shut the door and outside I looked at water about three inches in depth. At the edge of the concrete was a snow and ice berm holding in the water, just beyond the berm was more water all across the width of the building. At the far east end snow was piled up most of the way down the apron to the first window, and between the east end of the building and the red storage container was a huge snow/ice dam. I went and grabbed a shovel and back at the target locker began to brake a channel from the apron to the drainage channel and over the edge into the gully.

It appears as the snow had started to melt the day before, the water had come down hill and saturated the snow at the east end of the building causing a large mush lake to form. The water backed up somewhere between twenty five and fifty yard and then caused avalanche to crash down and turn onto the shooting apron. The water rushed down the apron picking up the plastic brass tubs and floated them out into the range. With the large berm of snow/ice the water, after the initial rush had no where else to go so leaked under the walls into the Range House.

Shortly after I got the water to begin to flow off the apron Don Babcock and Ron Coleman arrived and decided to go for real tools. Then Jerry Churchill appeared with two large squeegees. Some time in the next half hour Don and Ron came back with pumps and then Tim Allen and his backhoe to the rescue. Rod Browning and Mr Hamm along with Bill and Joanne Cummins were there to help.

Tim and the backhoe cleared the big gate to the east, plowed out the big shush/ice field and up to the 50 yard marker along the east hills. Then plowed off the water and ice in front of the shooting line, this releasing the water pressure into the building. Channels in the ice and the berm were cut off the edge of the shooting apron to help the water away from the building.

Inside the threshold of the front door was cut away and the two squeegees were used to sweep water out of the building, first from the meeting area, then the indoor range and safe room. This took three hours to make most of the water to go away. Wet/dry vacs were used to get the floor, and in the office, rugs dry. By about 2:30 in the afternoon we had the place in good condition. To help dry out the building we removed the timers from the propane heaters so they could run continuously. And Mike went into town to get a delivery of propane. Fans were brought out and set up so the air could circulate to facilitate the drying.

By now backhoe work had cut additional drainage channels in across the front the building from between the latrine and the building and across the inside shooting areas.

I would like to extend a job well done to those who came out and helped to rescue the building. If it weren't for you guys and gal I would still be standing there with water leaking into my boots. -ed.

The photos below were take two days after the flood/rescue.



20 January 2014, White Sulphur Springs – Annual Meeting

Don Babcock led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance and called the meeting to order.

Members Present: Don Babcock, Ron Coleman, Don Doig, Steve Hicks, Chuck Stricker, Mike Vennard, Pat McCoy, Ron Hamm, Gary Smith, JoAnne Cummins, Bill Cummins, Dan Rader, Tim Allen, Rod Browning.

Minutes of last meeting read by Pat McCoy. Motion to accept as read, Mike Vennard, 2 nd Ron Coleman. Motion Accepted.

Treasurers Report read by Pat McCoy. Motion to accept as read by Bill Cummins, 2 nd Mike Vennard. Motion Accepted.

Committee Reports.

Pistol Range Committee report by Mike Vennard that we are waiting on word from Friends of NRA on status of grant, and spring. Pat McCoy stated that he was informed by our FoNRA representative that in the future the Grant Committee would like to see that we have a lease of somewhere between 15 and twenty years and that it was suggested that the MCSA board consider action in increasing out lease. At present the lease stands at 13 years to go. [It was noted later that we could increase our acreage holding to include specific property for a proper background for the 1000 yard gong.]

Personal Protection classes are to be held during the Month of April with the ‘field day' in May.

Old Business

Signage. Don Babcock reintroduced the subject of signs for the Association, one at the cattle gate just off Jackson Road and the other on the end of the new room facing the parking area. Two were discussed, one an all metal plasma laser cut at appx. $2000 per sign and the second a plastic laminate at $250. The benefits of both were enumerated and after some general discussion the decision was differed to the next meeting. During the discussion Mike Vennard made a suggestion that a metal sign might be bought for the building which would provide a positive background, while a plastic laminate would work better at the cattle gate.

Mike Vennard has not put the generator on Craig's List.

Pat McCoy suggested that for the Personal Protection Class that the rated be increased due to the Association providing all the ammunition [for which prices have recently skyrocketed] and use of the Association pistols. The rate would be $75 for the general public with a $10 waiver for Association members. JoAnne Cummins made a motion to adjust rates as stated, 2 nd Ron Coleman, motion Passed.

Mike Vennard noted that he had contacted the Fire extinguishercompany and they say they would contact him when they came to White Sulphur Springs. They didn't. Mike contacted the Sherriff to find out when they would be there again, he said that he would let him know, time has come and gone. So Mike suggested that the Association purchase new extinguishers. Motion to purchase 2 extinguishers by Ron Coleman, 2 nd Mike Vennard, motion passed.

New Business

Pat McCoy noted that the bill for fixing the water damaged rifles was $660. The bill was paid by donations from Forkin Arms and Mike Vennard.

Montana Gun Law books, authored by Gary Maubrt , are being offered by the Meagher Co Sherriff at a discount. If anyone wants one , they should contact Pat McCoy and he will order them. The book cost is approximately $6-7.00.

Elections after nominations from the floor for the various offices was taken that Pat McCoy offered that the Sec/Tres . and Director position be elected by acclimation due to only one nominated for each position. And then a secret ballot for President was held between Don Doig and Rod Browning. The results of all elections:

Rod Browning – President

JoAnne Cummins – Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Vennard- Director

Pat McCoy proposed a letter with all the offices and one Director be added to the check signing list, proposal accepted.

McCoy suggested that we review whether we want to continue as members/supporters of the following organizations: Civilian Marksmanship Program, USA Shooting sports, NRA, Montana Rifle and Pistol Assoc. During the discussion it was suggested that we should also consider Shooting Sports Assoc. and Gun Owners of America. Motion to continue and consider, Mike Vennard, 2 nd Pat McCoy. Motion Passed

With the Friends of NRA banquet coming up on Mar 22 it was suggested that we purchase in a timely manner the 10 tickets and the sponsor table. Motion to purchase Ron Coleman, 2 nd Ron Hamm. Motion Passed.

Mike Vennard motion to adjourn, 2 nd Don Doig. Motion Passed

16 December 2013, White Sulphur Springs – Monthly Meeting

Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance led by Don Babcock, President

Members present: Pat McCoy, Brian fisher, Don Babcock, Ron Coleman, Mike Vennard, Don Doig, Bill and Joanne Cummins, Tina Pomeroy. Guest Adam Grove, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Minutes of the previous meeting read by Pat McCoy, Sec./Tres. Motion to accept by Mike Vennard, 2 nd Bill Cummins, motion passed.

Treasurers Report read by Pat McCoy, Motion to accept by Ron Coleman, 2 nd Mike Vennard, motion Passed.

A letter from the Montana FWP to the Association with the describing the “Road Kill Retrieval” law just put into practice. It outlined the intent and procedures of the law.

A letter concerning road closures by ranch owners limiting public access to public lands, explaining the situation and requesting legal support funds.

Committee Reports:
Pat McCoy reports that there is only one Jr. Shooter this season, and at the present time he is participating in basketball at the high school, but has been practicing on an alternate day with Dan Rader.

Personal Protection class has been tentatively scheduled for April 3 to May 3, 2014.

Old Business:
Signage at the range has been once again postponed to the next meeting.

Bob Gardner has been contacted and possible class outlines have been proposed for a spring/summer long range shooting clinic. Possible dates for the classes about the months of June/July were discussed but have not been set yet.

The propane generator is to be put on Craig's List to be sold.

The FofNRA Grant for aid in building the new pistol range has been submitted. The grants are usually awarded in late January and we should know about March if we were awarded the grant.

A brief discussion on replacing the concrete bench tops was held, the project was put off until spring.

Don Babcock noted that certain targets were needed to be purchased, but at this time the exact numbers and inventory of which styles were in short supply was not known. Brian Fisher made a motion to purchase appropriate amounts up to a limit of $500. 2 nd Ron Coleman. Motion Passed.

New business:
Pat McCoy reported that the vent fans in the indoor range have been left running for some time which increased the electric bill significantly. It was proposed to install mechanical timers on the fan and vent switches to limit usage time. Ron Coleman made a motion to get timers installed, 2 nd Mike Vennard. Motion passed. Brian Fisher will install them.

Don Babcock noted that the metal silhouette targets are badly shot up and need to be replaced. Discussion ensued as to should they be replace by armor plate. As no one knew the price point the project was put off until the January meeting and Pacific Steel in Bozeman can be contacted for prices.

Nominations for 2014 officers were taken:

President, DoinDoig
Sec./Tres., Joanne Cummins, Tina Pomeroy and possibly Mike Blair
Director, Mike Vennard

Brian Fisher made a motion that the Association purchase 10 tickets and a table to the Bozeman friends of NRA banquet in March of 2014. That these tickets be used to send the officers and board members t the banquet. Pat McCoy noted that this may be contrary to Montana Non-Profit regulations of liability protection by creating a possible “employee status” of the recipients. 2 nd Ron Coleman, Brian called for a vote, motion passed.

Adam Grove, Mt. FWP biologist gave a brief review of the proposed bi-annual legislation for new hunting regulations. He additionally noted that a FWP Comments meeting will be held in White Sulphur Springs on Wednesday 8 th of January 2014 and City Hall. Highlights of these changes are:

•  All of Montana will be changed to antlered Mule Deer only and the Mule Deer B tag [doe] will be eliminated.

•  The White Tail B tag [doe] is to be eliminated state wide, although a White Tail doe may be taken with a General Tag in appropriate areas.

•  You can find more precise wording and comment pages on the FWP web site and comments can be made through 23 January 2014 to FWP.

Mike Vennard made a motion to Adjourn, 2 nd Ron Coleman, motion Passed.