Membership Contract



In consideration of the opportunity to join, participate in, and use the facilities of the Meagher County Sportsmen's Association (MCSA) and any and all courses that may be given from time to time for reasonable course fees, or participation in other MCSA events at reasonable or no expense, and in recognition of the best volunteer efforts of all course instructors, officials, and sponsors to maintain reasonably safe conditions and rules, I/We the undersigned (individual[s], parent or guardian of the below-listed minor[s] understand that there are risks involved in activities involving firearms) agree to (pay the annual dues, and) assume, for each of ourselves and the below listed minor[s], any and all personal risk to my/ourselves and/or the below listed minor[s] involved in participation in or observation of MCSA events, and further, I/We agree and affirm that I/we do and will hold harmless MCSA, their members, officers, and officials, and any and all course or event Sponsors, and any and all persons involved in organizing and conducting MCSA safety courses and events, for any injury or damage which might be incurred during the course of MCSA safety courses or events. I/We also agree and understand that I/we waive all current and future rights to sue, or collect damages from, the above organization(s) and/or individuals as a result of any injury which I/we or the below listed minor[s] might incur at a MCSA safety course or event. 

Finally, I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understand this WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AGREEMENT TO HOLD HARMLESS and ASSUMPTION OF RISK, and that I/we have read and understand, and will comply with all of the MCSA safety rules and procedures governing MCSA courses and events. I am not a member of any organization or group having as its purposes the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions, and am not a prohibited person from possessing firearms. I am eligible to purchase a Montana hunting license.